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English-Language and Title III Coordinators

Mrs. Magallanes & Mrs. Campero

English-language Development Programs


Manchester Avenue Elementary School currently offers two English programs to help meet the needs of our students:

Mainstream English Program- is an instructional program taught in English for English proficient students and English Language Learners with reasonably fluency (ELD 4-5). Students enrolled in this program learn standards-based academic content in grade level academic English. 

What makes this program unique?

  • English is used as the only language of instruction
  • English learners receive support as needed in English, including the use of special strategies for English Learners.
  • English Learners receive 45-60 minutes of English Language Development with special attention in academic language.

 Structured English Immersion- is an instructional program taught in English for students beginning to learn English (ELD 1-3). Students enrolled in this program acquire English language skills with appropriate support while learning standards based content to be able to succeed in a Mainstream English classroom.

What makes this program unique?

  • Students learn all academic subjects in English, with help in their primary language only if needed.
  • Teachers use special strategies to teach academic subjects to English Learners.
  • Students receive 60 minutes of English Language Development DAILY!


The ultimate goal for English Learners is to reclassify! Reclassification is the process by which an English Learner is deemed to have acquired sufficient proficiency in English to succeed academically without English Language Development support. To reclassify, an English Learner must meet the following criteria at the same time:

  • Achieve at least basic grade level performance as measured by the state assessment
  • Score Early Advanced or higher on the CELDT
  • Earn a mark of 3 or 4 in English Language Arts on the Elementary Progress Report.

Haydee Campero, Title II Coach


Our Title III Coach, Haydee Campero, has been supporting the Manchester tigers since 2011. The Title III Coach strives to help our English Language Learners with instructional support in developing proficiency in English language and literacy as they engage in learning academic content  based on  the new English Language Development Standards (CELDS).

The Title III Coach works to support the implementation of the English Learner Master Plan, coach teachers, analyze student work and data, and facilitate groups of teachers in implementing, analyzing and refining ELD lessons. The coach also coordinates with others at the school site by possibly serving as the Long Term English Learner Designee, be a member of the Language Appraisal Team, and assist in coordinating meetings with parents and staff.